Natural Scientific Calculator

What are the limitations of existing calculator apps on the market?

Most existing calculator apps have these problems:

  1. Lack of an intuitive, touch based interface - mainly navigation button based

  2. 1 dimension, one line display

  3. A very old looking and outdated interface, like something built in the 1980s

Example: Some leading alternative scientific calculators

How does Natural Scientific Calculator do it better?

Natural Scientific Calculator 1.0 (released on Android and iOS)

  1. Flow, and swipe based touch interface, specifically optimised for modern phones. Pinch on the equation to zoom in, and swipe on the keypad to navigate the cursor.

  2. A "natural display", that displays maths equations similar to how you would write them on paper. This reduces confusion when dealing with long and complex equations.

  3. Beautiful, elegant interface. Easy on the eyes, and customisable with different themes.

Natural Scientific Calculator 2.0 (in development, estimated December 2023 Release)

  1. One of a kind "lens" interface, that lets you easily view and compare equations

  2. AI Maths Tutor

  3. Elegant graphing solutions

Natural Scientific Calculator 3.0 (in development, estimated January 2024 release)
1. 3D User Interface

Why does Natural Scientific Calculator exist?

One day in 2015, two friends from high school, Conway Ying and Bill Deng met up at university. Conway had forgotten his physical Casio scientific calculator at home, and tried to find one that could replace it on the app stores; to no avail. So he suggested to Bill that he build a calculator which would display equations as you would write them on paper, rather than the confusing nested single line equations that almost all calculator apps at that time used:


Bill said, "Sure, why not?" and the two of them spent the next several months designing, building, testing and sharing the app. It was no serious venture. It was merely something interesting and fun to try out and designed to solve a need.

Several months later, without spending anything on advertising or marketing, the app, "Natural Scientific Calculator" had garnered hundreds of thousands of downloads, mainly from word of mouth online. Due to the novelness of the user interface, hackers had even decompiled and reverse engineered the app in order to translate it into their own language.

Various clones and copies started emerging onto the app store, some going even so as far as to copy the name, description and logo of the original app. But the impact had been made, and now virtually most of the popular scientific calculator apps on the store use a "Natural Display" similar to the one in the original "Natural Scientific Calculator".

Example: The original name and logo, and an alternative


Made in Sydney, Australia 🏖️


Made in Sydney, Australia 🏖️


Made in Sydney, Australia 🏖️